The fragrance of mulberry leaves on the road

Lu Xiaoyi's heartbeat was "thump thump", which could be heard clearly in the noisy hall. He took a deep breath quietly and pretended to look away carelessly. What is the meaning of fragrant leaves? Looking at him like this, how can I have a feeling of being caught in bed? Illusion, Lu Xiaoyi's self-hypnosis. They did not know that the interaction of several of them was firmly swept into their eyes. Finally, a gun salute was heard, and the child holding a basket of flowers in front of the Moon Hall shouted, "The wedding begins.". The bride, holding red silk in her hand, was led into the hall by the boy, and walked solemnly step by step towards the bridegroom waiting in front of her. Lu Xiaoyi is beating the cheerful heart, even she will be so nervous, happy must be more nervous, she seems to understand the mother's mood when she marries her daughter. Happy Lu Xiaoyi murmured in a low voice. Her eyes were a little hot. Was she too excited. Canghai smiled and said nothing, quietly holding Lu Xiaoyi's hand, silently supporting. The other side shot several strong eyes, the sea smiled as did not see the choice to ignore. After taking ninety-nine steps, which symbolized a long time, Tang Kaixin finally stood in front of Zhan Wuyou. Zhan Wuyou took the other end of the red silk from the child's hand. There was no doubt about the warmth in his eyes. He immediately turned around and stood beside Tang Kaixin,medium duty racking, facing the old man with his eyebrows and eyes. A thousand miles of marriage is bound by a thread. With the guidance of fate, Zhanwuyou and Happy Candy come together and become legal husband and wife today. I will give you a red rope symbolizing marriage. Do you accept it? Zhan Wuyou chose to accept it without hesitation. Of course, if you check the package later, the gold coins inside will be much less. Immediately, Zhan Wuyou's left hand and Tang Kaixin's right hand appeared a red silk thread karma knot, and they looked at each other with a smile and clasped their fingers. The old moon clasped his fists and congratulated the descendants. He must have gone to the back to count the money. Lu Xiaoyi was quite dissatisfied. How did the old man design such a miser? The old moon should be an old man with noble character and integrity for the marriage in the world. Well, though,push back racking system, is it because she's so evil that she thinks of Yue Lao as such a miser. The two men turned to face all the guests in the hall, and the clear voice of the child beside them sounded, "Li Cheng!" A sound of congratulations sounded, and there was a rare smile on the face of the rare perennial calm, although the smile was light and easy to be ignored, but Lu Xiaoyi read it out, he was really happy. Tang happy mischievous looking at her Lu Xiaoyi blink, in line with the principle of tacit understanding, Lu Xiaoyi only took a second to read her meaning, gift! She seemed to see the dollar sign flashing in Tang Kaixin's eyes. There are too many people around Xin Renhuixi now. It's impossible to crowd them. You should know that all the players who can get in here are senior players. If she rushes in as a rookie, she will kill herself by hitting a stone with an egg. It's impossible to let Happy come out and get it. She is busy with Zhanwuyou now.. The fish has seen the wedding in vain, and doesn't want to stay in a place where there are so many people. He smiled at Lu Xiaoyi and Canghai and said that he wanted to leave. They thought that it was really not pleasant to see the fish in vain, and they didn't retain it. The fish took out the locator and left in vain. According to the routine, automated warehouse systems ,metal racking systems, he should go to practice again.. Lu Xiaoyi finally knows how the gap came into being, look at her and his brother, that level. Don't mention it. Forget the opposite several eyes did not see a leaf fragrance and forget the world of mortals, thinking that perhaps surrounded by the crowd, the heart relaxed, afraid they suddenly came. Brother, it seems that there is no chance to send the gift now. Looking at the crowd, the two men stepped back and leaned against a gilded dragon pillar, powerless. Canghai smiled and whispered a few words to Lu Xiaoyi, and the two disappeared in situ one after another. Let just squeeze out the crowd to find the forgotten world of mortals surprised, looking back to see a leaf of fragrance looking at this side, spread out his hands, unable to help, he did not know the situation. The newlyweds moved to the outside of the main hall, and Zhanwuyou announced that the wedding banquet would be held in the city of Jihad. Please invite the guests to move. He has changed the permission of the guild city today and set everyone to enter. They were so happy that they went away with each other. Zhan Wuyou called out his golden-horned unicorn and held Tang Kaixin to sit on it. They snuggled up to each other and flew to the holy city, their home. Yiye Piaoxiang's original intention was not to go to the Holy City again, even if he had no reason to invite himself before going out, he did not like it, and he did not want to find a reason for himself. But forget the world of mortals but suspect that Canghai Yixiao and Lu Xiaoyi went there, because their gifts have not been sent out, so they pulled out the locator after a moment and appeared not far from the city of Jihad. Everyone probably just watching the scene of bustle, did not notice any difference, that is, from Ruzhou to the old palace of the moon, did not see a person in the Zijin Palace, there is a gang of people reported to Zhan Wuyou, Zhan Wuyou just squinted his eyes and thought for a while, the bottom of my heart that even if he got married so what, she was so conceited a person, but also can put down the posture to make the wedding, did not do more thinking. The Author Has Something to Say: Compile Drop Requirements Element 7 Days 2 W1 ~ Pa Pa, the update speed of the building is 4000 + per day ~ cheer for yourself ~ The building will dig a new hole in the near future ~ Wipe sweat. Big people send a lot of points for long comments ~ ~ No one wants it? ~ (Bite handkerchief ing) ^ sagalow ^ No.20 Last Part Lu Xiaoyi was led into the new house, and now Zhan Wuyou is busy outside, only Tang Kaixin is alone. The sea did not follow with a smile, he waited outside, a big man into the woman's room is still not justified. Tang Kaixin ignored the bride's etiquette. As soon as he saw Lu Xiaoyi, he rushed up and hugged him. The phoenix crown was still with him. The thin bead curtain in front of him swept over Lu Xiaoyi's ear. Aren't you, huh? Lu Xiaoyi finally let go of her Tang Kaixin Nu Nu mouth, the phoenix crown should be taken off, looking tired ah. Tang took it off immediately with a happy smile, and his chestnut waist-length hair fell down, with a kind of lazy and moving beauty. Yi Yi,push back racking system, where is my gift? Tang Kaixin grabbed Lu Xiaoyi's sleeve and shook it. She had been looking forward to it for a long time. How did you know I would give you a gift? Lu Xiaoyi pulled out his sleeve and sat down at the table. He poured himself a cup of tea, put it to his mouth, and sipped it gently.

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