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"Oh, your Majesty, the national teacher is in high spirits. At this juncture, he is still playing chess. He is really sitting still." The man in black glanced at the chessboard and sat in a chair not far from them, crossed his legs, put his chin on his hands, and smiled contemptuously. You are frivolous. You are all old friends. Do you still need to pretend in front of me? Right, national teacher? Under the white son, Yu Jin looked at the man in black sitting on the chair and heard the old rough voice. His eyes were deeply gloomy, but he still said with a smile. Yu Liang glanced at the man in black and always felt that something was wrong in his heart, probably because he was too tired to prepare for the day. Since it is an old friend, then I will not beat around the Bush, according to the agreement, hand over the person. The tone of the man in black is still normal without fluctuation. Don't be frivolous, can't you help it at this time? Yu Jin opened the corners of his mouth with a sneer and said slowly, "Don't worry, we just met, don't let the unwarranted people disturb our interest." Fall the white again and surround the sunspot. Your Majesty, I have lost. Yu Liang smiled slightly, and the corners of his eyes slanted toward the man sitting lazily in the chair. Royal frivolous good attack layout, how, do you want to let me and the national teacher open their eyes? Yu Jin raised his eyebrows and smiled gently at the corners of his mouth. Su asked how sophisticated the emperor was. He could abandon the brotherhood and regard the connection of flesh and blood as a tool to use. He would stop at nothing for the purpose. Today,metal racking systems, he will have a good look at the emperor's means. The man in black sat on the opposite side of the imperial guard, and the corners of his mouth rose coldly under the shadow. Yujin's face twitched. Yu Liang put the black and white pieces away and put them in their respective positions. When the chessboard was cleared, both men took a deep breath. The white son of Yujin fell, followed by the black son of the man in black. Time fell minute by minute, only half a stick of incense time, the chessboard was almost full of black and white pieces, there are more than a dozen empty. Holding back the cold sweat on his forehead, Yu Jin clenched his teeth and held Bai Zi to fall on the plate again. The man in black was still urgent,teardrop pallet racking, leaving no way out. On the surface, the white is in the dominant position, but in fact, it is more than half pinned down by the sunspot and is gradually nibbling away. The white son falls again, and the black son is urgent. Pow! The chessboard was swept down, and the black and white pieces on the chessboard jumped on the floor like broken beads, making a clear collision sound. The emperor Yu Liang looked at Yu Jin with a gloomy face in surprise, wondering why his expression was so horrible. How could it be you? Yu Jin clenched his hands into fists, the veins on his forehead bulging, and his eyes fixed on the shadowy face. Why is the emperor so surprised? Under the shadow, the corners of the mouth were cold, and the voice was older and hoarse, like an old man panting and groaning in a hospital bed who was about to die, which made the listener uncomfortable. Nope! You're not frivolous! Yu Jin breathed heavily, and his eyes were red with rage. "You are Yu Feng!" When Yu Liang heard this, asrs warehouse ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, he immediately became flustered. I don't know when the emperor saw it. The man in black hooked the corners of his mouth and uncovered the hat that covered half of his face, revealing a very handsome young face, but when the hand touched his chin, the skin that was slowly torn made Yu Liang gasp. When the mask of human skin was completely taken off, it was a handsome face full of mature flavor, with the cold light of an eagle in its eyes and a cold smile at the corners of its mouth. From childhood to adulthood, only you are most familiar with my chess steps. Yu Jin snorted coldly. That's right. When we were kids, we only had each other. But at that time, when we learned to play chess together, the first game was that I beat you. But after that, you became so unhappy that you didn't even want to talk to me. Only when I lost to you, you would be happy. So every time I give in to you. Looking back on the past, Yufeng's eyes were more soft, but they were soon covered up by indifference. Among the many brothers, only we have the best relationship. No matter when I was a child or when I grew up, I always treated you as my closest brother. When I went to the prime minister's mansion to ask for marriage, my father-in-law said that his daughter could not be wronged and marry the emperor as a concubine. Therefore, I did not hesitate to agree, and I withdrew from the qualification to participate in the struggle for power. ” "Do you know why? That's because I know you like to win, like to win, is the kind of person who will not stop until you reach your goal, and you are only most interested in the throne, so I choose to withdraw to assist you to proclaim yourself emperor.". I always thought we were brothers and sisters, but you can be so shameless for your throne. Yu Feng smiled coldly, and his handsome face seemed to be covered with frost. "If I had known that, I shouldn't have let you." Pian Pian Emperor Chapter 77 Wind and clouds surge, begin! (Middle) Yu Jin's face was livid, his phalanges were pinched and clucked, but he laughed instead of being angry. "Yes, let me, from childhood to adulthood, you let me!"! I've never beaten you, no matter in a civil or military struggle! But I am obviously very hard to surpass you, every progress will feel very happy, but the father never looked at me! By what, by what! Even if I win in the end, it is to get the father's disdain, no matter what I do, the father's favorite or you! They are all his sons, but he treats me very badly! What fun, good-looking, the first thing the father thought of was you! You didn't work as hard as me, but you got everything I wanted! I've always lost to you! Even the person I love in my heart has become your wife! Yufeng, stop being hypocritical! Do you think you can make me forgive you! Dream! You took everything from me! I won't forgive you! Not ever! Yujin's eyes were bloodshot with rage, and he roared hysterically, and the vases were thrown to the ground one by one. Yu Feng's face was expressionless, and his hand in his sleeve was clenched. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the desk. The portrait was pressed to the ground by the memorial. Yu Jin suddenly laughed wildly. "Yes,heavy duty metal racking, brother, don't you like Lin Ruoqing best?" Being called by him like this, Yu Feng felt a chill in his heart and his hands trembled violently.

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